New distributor of SMARTTECH 3D scanners in Romania

SMARTTECH3D, a Polish manufacturer of metrologically certified 3D scanners, has started cooperation with SC Envirotronic SRL, which has become its official representative in Romania. SC Envirotronic SRL as the official distributor will sell and support optical 3D scanners from SMARTTECH3D. The Romanian company will also provide technical support for SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software dedicated to reverse engineering and quality control, representing SMARTTECH on the rapidly growing Romanian market. The company SC Envirotronic SRL was founded in 2007 and started its operations in chemical measuring applications. Very quickly it became a well-known distributor of various measuring devices on the Roma

New MICRON3D green stereo industrial scanner

New MICRON3D green stereo industrial scanner - presented for the first time on the British market during the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK 24-26 September 2019 Two detectors, measurement with green LED light, total noise reduction, the ability to perform professional 3D scans independent of changes in external lighting conditions... are the main features of the latest product created by specialists from SMARTTECH3D company. MICRON3D green stereo is a revolutionary optical measuring machine dedicated to modern enterprises. The best specialists from the SMARTTECH3D company was working for over two and a half years to create an innovative 3D scanner that, thanks to its properties, perfectly fits i

Cosmetic gloves for children and prosthetic funnels

Even 5 to 10 years ago, the prosthetic preparation of the denture funnel, which is the basis of each prosthesis and tightly adheres to the stump, took about 2-3 weeks. During this time, the product was repeatedly tried, corrected, re-tried, corrected again - until the funnel was ideally matched and did not hurt the user. This is a very important process because it depends on whether the use of the prosthesis will be comfortable for the user. Today, thanks to BIOENGINEERING, SMARTTECH 3D scanners, and accurate stump scanning, this process takes up to 3 days and is much more effective. The stump is scanned by a 3D scanner and then, using dedicated software, a prosthetic hopper model is created

Influence of compression socks on swollen legs

In the case of the dimensioning of human physiology, it is sometimes necessary to measure a person and make calculations related to the body. An example here is the dimensioning of the human face before and after the treatment or torso before and after the strip is attached. Among such works, there is also the dimensioning of natural leg edema to verify the influence of the compression sock on the body. The company UNITIKA from Japan started the research work on the dimensioning of the impact on the edema of the lower limbs. The company deals daily with activities in the field of dimensional inspection and quality control of products and goods of everyday need. They decided to examine the na

Innovative solutions in the medical industry

The SMARTTECH3D med scanner is a response to the growing demands of the health and safety sectors. It works with the safest white structural light measuring technology and the result of that measurement allows for quick planning of operations, accurate dimensional analysis of skin lesions or creation of visualization. Thanks to its versatile application, it can soon become the basic equipment of hospitals or clinics. In the last few years, SMARTTECH has participated in many interesting projects related to medicine. One of the hospitals decided to design a way to measure wound area, measure its exact shape and depth, and calculate the volume of raw material that should be used to fill the cav

3D scanning is revolutionizing the medical industry

The medical industry is currently one of the fastest-growing ones. Almost every day new ideas are born. Unfortunately, the process of collecting data that is needed to start a project is time-consuming and often inaccurate, and research methods are outdated and do not fit to today's standards. Fortunately, you can find products on the market that can help and shorten the time of the project, providing faster and more accurate results. 3D technologies are more and more present in modern enterprises, as well as in the medical industry. SMARTTECH 3D scanners, especially the SMARTTECH3D med scanner operates in the safest technology measuring white structural light so that the scanned person feel

The SMARTTECH3D med scanner helps in creating personalized anti-smog masks

The SMARTTECH 3D medical scanner was used in the unique project of creating personalized anti-smog masks initiated by the MASSQ Group created by students from the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP). The SMARTTECH company joined the group's project by performing 3D scans of the face of the people for whom the masks were designed. The growing problem of air pollution Smog is a serious problem faced by more and more cities around the world. In Beijing, it is so dense that you can not see buildings in the near area. Also, Chinese cities are among the most polluted in the world, but this problem applies to Poland as well. With deadly smog, we need to deal not only in agglomeratio

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