SMARTTECH 3D scanners to conquer America!

The SMARTTECH company is becoming more and more serious player in the world 3D scanning market. From a small, family-owned company founded almost 20 years ago by a group of scientists, it turned into a significant enterprise with a large network of distributors around the world. Currently, SMARTTECH sells its products through distributors in 22 countries scattered across 5 continents. SMARTTECH 3D scanners stands proudly against quality products of the same type of the largest international companies, which means that more and more distributors are interested in cooperation. Especially that SMARTTECH 3D scanners sometimes have an attractive price offer. Great importance in 3D scanners sales

SMARTTECH 3D scanners in industry - "LUBIANA" porcelain factory

New 3D technologies are vital in many industries, departments, and fields all over the world. These technological advancements are popping up everywhere; our homes, at work, and even our commute. But, we're not always aware of how important these innovations are in the creation of products that we use every day. When drinking tea from a beautiful porcelain cup, we do not usually think about the long journey this product has gone through to reach our hands. Most people tend to imagine a single factory where the cup is cast, dried, painted and sold, all in the same place. Although that process is easier to wrap your head around, it's rarely true. The creation of products is very complicated. T

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