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SMARTTECH3D  was established in 2000 by a group of doctors and researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology under the leadership of the inventor of this technology -  Prof. dr hab. inż. Małgorzata Kujawińska.

For 20 years our company was and still is developing and improving contactless measurement methods based on the structured LED light, especially white LED. This allows us to obtain a realistic shape recreation with full-color reproduction. Combining this with the 24 MP resolution, which is the highest available on the market, SMARTTECH3D is a leader in 3D digitalization in archaeology and museology.

By entering the world of metrology, we learned from our clients that every detail matters and must be captured with the highest possible accuracy. For this reason, through years of research, we have managed to combine the versatility of our devices with extreme accuracy. In this way, we have created a line of MICRON3D scanners dedicated to professional solutions and the most demanding customers.


The MICRON3D is housed in a modern carbon fiber housing, equipped with green LED light or white LED light:

  • The White LED version offers precise measurement with full-color reproduction and a high resolution of 10, 18, or 24 MP. A versatile and comprehensive solution for the customers from the education, archaeology, museology, medicine, 3D printing, design, or industry sector.


Some of our customers using MICRON3D scanners equipped white LED:

  • National Maritime Museum in Gdansk

  • National Museum of Prehistory in Taiwan

  • Museum of the origins of the Polish State Gniezno

  • Polish foundries

  • Museums in Kalisz and Gniezno

  • The Green LED model provides 30% better accuracy than white LED, 520 nm wavelength, special filters to reduce the impact of the external lightings, better edge sharpness representation, and automatic reduction of noises and interferences.

Some of our customer using MICRON3D scanners equipped with a green LED:

  • Institute of Sustainable Technologies in Radom

  • Glass manufacturer EDWANEX

  • Polish Institute of Automotive

  • BMP Chaudronnerie Plastique in Caen/France

  • Ironworks S.A.

  • The University of Technology in Krakow

SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software


SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v. 2020. Accelerate and automate your daily workshop by incorporating one-click button features to quickly generate any 3D model, make an inspection, or check the dimensions in just a blink of the eye. With the new Quality Control module, you can effortlessly inspect every part, make comparisons with the CAD model, or generate a report with tolerance in PDF.


Some of our customers:


Some of our awards:


Our distribution network covers almost all continents

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