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The automotive industry requires a complex solution from its optical 3D scanner supplier. Starting from engine designing, inspection through an external project to an interior plan. Doesn’t matter if you produce vehicles or tune and repair them. Just like your customers require from you full professionalism, you can demand the same from us. We take responsibility for the success of every project in which you are using our devices.

A properly chosen equipment and you can expect an improvement in the quality of your final product and drastically reduce the time needed for completion.

Our optical method of scanning guarantees the safety, speed, and accuracy of the measurement process for: 

  • Styling, design, and reverse engineering

  • Prototyping

  • Simulation

  • Manufacturing

  • Quality control and inspection



The aviation industry is one of the most demanding sectors of the industrial market. Zero tolerance for any errors allows aircraft companies to guarantee safety and comfort. Understanding their demands, we offer solutions verifying their strict demands.

  • Quality control and surface inspection

  • Turbine blades inspections

  • Aerodynamics

  • Engine Parts

Our scanners dedicated to this industry combined with Geomagic modules are an advanced solution for the aircraft industry. By using the system, you can shorten the time needed for work and cut the costs.


Thanks to powerful structural LED light we can provide measurements in factories.

High-resolution sensors allow digital recreation of even the most complicated and detailed objects.


We can help you digitize all your creations made by but not limited to punching, galvanizing, repoussage, spinning. Made in any material of your choice including gold, silver, diamond, and ambers.

The best resolution available – 4200 points on a square millimeter – allows the recreation of even the smallest detail with its natural color and shine.

A perfect virtual model of an item can be used not only in the process of redesigning but also as an exhibition in a multitude of ways on the web.

Our method of optical scanning minimalizes the need for titanium oxide interference. You don’t have to worry about damaging even the most delicate parts of the scanned item.


Rapid Prototyping

The basic application of a 3D optical scanner is rapid prototyping. This technique allows the creation of particular documentation of existing objects without modeling it in technical, industrial, or graphic software.

Reverse Engineering

In the production process, 3D scanners enable the construction of elements by 3D scanning. The scan generates full data to create a CAD model of the object. Thanks to specialized software Geomagic or Leios - using integrations with SMARTTECH 3D scanners you can generate fully compatible data in widely used formats.



The accuracy and high resolution of SMARTTECH 3D scanners ensure the generation of ideal data for quality control and error detection. The large measuring field allows the control of huge surfaces in a matter of seconds. Users can quickly and precisely check every part of the fabricated product during the manufacturing process straight from the production line. This is a perfect way to avoid any unnecessary complications and faults. Every part that leaves the factory is uniform and free of errors.

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