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3D scanning technology allows traces of recovery and contactless scanning pieces of evidence.

SMARTTECH has been researching the application of 3D scanning technology in forensics and criminology recently. The study was conducted in January at a temperature of -3 ° C. At first, a snowy trail was covered with a thin layer of dry powder, thus preventing light reflections.

During the test, we used the single-measurement method to do six scans from different perspectives. SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2017 software provided accurate data in the form of a point cloud.

​3D scanners and printers can support police activities and is also one of the best tools that modern police investigation forces can have in their equipment. Unlike the more traditional archiving methods, the 3D scanner operates completely non – invasively and does not expose the footwear impression evidence to the risk of damage. Simultaneously, it is much more precise and allows you to collect even the smallest details of the examined object.


Additionally, the resulting scans in the form of a model can be added to the database and compared with other foot impressions worldwide, even if the crime scene is no longer available. If you need physical imprints, then 3D printing based on a pre-made model will ensure a precision that surpasses traditional methods and allows you to copy the imprint without exposing the imprint itself. Besides, 3D printing can be used for creating a visualization of the proof. SMARTTECH, together with Canon, presented a complete solution at EUROPOLTECH 2017 fair. For more details, see the case study.

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