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For 5 years SMARTTECH has been cooperating with the biggest museums in Poland, promoting 3D scanners as a modern tool to archive precious objects. Our touchless measurement methods and 3D scanners are formed as a result of research conducted by (among others) the National Museum of Archeology in Warsaw and the Museum in Wilanów (Warsaw).


Our offer includes:

  • Museum object 3D Measurement service: for archiving and multimedia. Creating a virtual passport of museum object for insurance and deviation control.

  • Specialized 3D scanners for digitizing museum objects  – MICRON3D color: We are the only producer of the touchless measurement system adjusted for museum specifications.

SMARTTECH3Dmeasure (software included with the system) makes it possible to:

  • carry out an accurate analysis of object

  • compile a virtual cross-section

  • conduct a measurement in 2D cross-section in any position

  • generate the full characteristic of an object

  • create a visualization for presentation on websites

  • recreate the object based on 3D scanning (e.g., by using 3D printers)

Our scanners are used in:​

  • National Marine Museum in Gdansk -

  • National Museum of Agriculture and Food Industry in Szreniawa Poland

  • Warsaw University Institute of Archeology

  • National Prehistory Museum in Taiwan


SMARTTECH3D Archaeologist:

Natalia Skornicka  color 3D scanning specialist in Science and Research applications in SMARTTECH, creates and host an educational project dedicated to archaeologists and museologists, called 3DArchaeologist.

As Natalia emphasizes: “I want to show our viewers possibilities of XXI century digitalization. In the project, I share the inner workings and possibilities of 3D scanners use in the archaeological field, starts with the basic theories of the scanning process, to the examples of specific use of that technology. I hope you will enjoy it!”

Check out our video:

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