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SMARTTECH expands the department of archaeology and museology implementations.

Updated: Jun 13

Some time ago to our team of specialists joined mgr Natalia Skornicka- active archaeologist, graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Poland. As a person with a lot of experience in the field as well as in the research and documentation processes, our new colleague fits perfectly in our professional SMARTTECH family.

For a few months now Natalia creates and host an educational project dedicated to archaeologists and museologists, called 3DArchaeologist.

As Natalia emphasizes: “I want to show our viewers possibilities of XXI century digitalization. In the project, I share the inner workings and possibilities of 3D scanners use in the archaeological field, starts with the basic theories of the scanning process, to the examples of specific use of that technology. I hope you will enjoy it!”

After few months of cooperation, we can surely declare, that using the knowledge and experience of our archaeologist, which she was collecting all over the world, definitely strengthen our department dedicated to working with academics, especially from the field of archaeology and museology. We are really happy we can serve our customers even better, offering solutions perfect for their needs, by having in our team a professional with a direct education, who knows working with the artifacts inside out. Now we are sure, that the solutions we offer will do perfectly in this, still new for 3D scanning technology, environment.

Our 3D technology in archaeology specialist is on your call. In case of any questions about the documentation with 3D scanners, please contact us- Natalia will be happy to resolve any doubts.

Maybe you would like to watch an episode of the 3DArchaeologist series about some interesting subject or an issue we didn’t raise yet? Please, let us know! We will happily listen to all suggestions.

Joanna Burzynska

Product Manager mob.:+48 577 775 094 e-mail: LinkedIn:


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