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Switch on 3D technology in your company - now with better 3D scanning resolution at a lower price – 18 900 €!

Updated: Apr 9

Are you thinking about bringing your company into the efficient and cost-effective processes of Industry 4.0? Today is the best time, don't hesitate and introduce 3D technologies to your company, now available at a promotional price.

Driven by user needs, SMARTTECH3D's development specialists have created a compact, easy-to-use and precise 3D scanner in 6MP resolution that will increase the efficiency of quality control and documentation of any component.

The SMARTTECH ON 3D scanner is a factory-calibrated metrology device, certified according to VDI/VDE 2634 guidelines, and its measurement accuracy can be further confirmed by a certificate from an independent accredited metrology laboratory. 

The detailed reproduction of small details with the 6MP resolution of the new 3D scanner increases the efficiency of scanning highly complex objects, while dedicated software enables full automation of processes, considering the measurement needs of a specific company.

The system's flexible configuration and broad variety of peripheral equipment enables the minimization of the operator's role by, for example, attaching rotary tables or integrating several SMARTTECH3D ON 6MP scanners directly on the production line for complex quality control of manufactured products. 

The SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software is used to control the integrated measurement system and provides quality control tools such as generating a colorful deviation map, creating cross-sections or calculating the area or volume of a measured object. It also enables ready-to-use PDF report generation according to a user-defined template.


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