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Universal Robots Roadshow in Krakow

Updated: Jun 13

The very interesting meetings at the Universal Robots Roadshow in Krakow are already behind us! Robotisation and digitisation are entering our lives now, so it was a great opportunity to learn how to use the potential of cobots in one's company. During the event, SMARTTECH representatives presented the SMARTTECH3D CobotScan - the most innovative scanner for Industry 4.0 

The SMARTTECH3D CobotScan is a guarantee of automation and precision measurements that will simultaneously reduce costs in an enterprise. Thr company has developed a cutting-edge innovative combination of a 3D scanner and a robotic arm, which makes it possible to obtain reproducible results and, thanks to its mobility, to scan hard-to-reach and demanding objects. In addition, the SMARTTECH3D CobotScan is easy to use - the cobot can be operated by anyone after a short training course.

At the SMARTTECH3D stand, you could see how the CobotScan works and talk to specialists and engineers who shared their knowledge of customized solutions for companies!

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