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New distributor of SMARTTECH 3D scanners in Romania

SMARTTECH3D, a Polish manufacturer of metrologically certified 3D scanners, has started cooperation with SC Envirotronic SRL, which has become its official representative in Romania.

SC Envirotronic SRL as the official distributor will sell and support optical 3D scanners from SMARTTECH3D. The Romanian company will also provide technical support for SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software dedicated to reverse engineering and quality control, representing SMARTTECH on the rapidly growing Romanian market.

The company SC Envirotronic SRL was founded in 2007 and started its operations in chemical measuring applications. Very quickly it became a well-known distributor of various measuring devices on the Romanian market. The company offers, among others, laboratory equipment, equipment for sewage treatment plants, devices for testing fluid interactions and mobile stations for monitoring water parameters. SC Envirotronic SRL focuses mainly on educational and research area while keeping close contact with major industrial players.

For SMARTTECH3D it is very important to have a reliable representative of the dynamic Romanian market. The experience and contacts of SC Envirotronic SRL guarantee that the Polish manufacturer of optical 3D scanners has gained a really valuable partner in Romania.


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