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3D scanning is revolutionizing the medical industry

The medical industry is currently one of the fastest-growing ones. Almost every day new ideas are born. Unfortunately, the process of collecting data that is needed to start a project is time-consuming and often inaccurate, and research methods are outdated and do not fit to today's standards. Fortunately, you can find products on the market that can help and shorten the time of the project, providing faster and more accurate results.

3D technologies are more and more present in modern enterprises, as well as in the medical industry. SMARTTECH 3D scanners, especially the SMARTTECH3D med scanner operates in the safest technology measuring white structural light so that the scanned person feels safe and comfortable. The result of the 3D measurement allows for quick computer operation planning, accurate dimensional analysis of skin lesions, design of a dedicated prosthesis or creation of visualization.

The mentioned 3D scanning involves obtaining information about the shape, geometry of the object and creating its virtual, digital copy. As a result of scanning, a cloud of points is obtained, i.e. a set of reflecting surfaces of the scanned object. They are described by three X, Y, Z coordinates and can also store object color information. Then a triangle mesh is created from these points. Thanks to it, the shape of the object is reflected in detail using a set of several million small triangles.

The medical industry undoubtedly has a huge impact on the standard of living of the society. The more progress, the more innovative solutions in the field of medicine, the better the quality of life and the greater the chance of a complete cure of the patient. As a company that produces 3D scanners and is actively involved in the development of 3D technology, we are proud that we can be part of medical projects affecting the health and standard of living of people.

Below are some examples of the use of a medical 3D scanner from SMARTTECH in companies related to the medical industry.

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