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The inspiring ITM Industry Europe fair is behind us

This year's ITM Fair was for us a very intense time of many shows, conversations, and presentations. We would like to thank everyone for the time spent together.

During this edition of the fair, we prepared demonstrations of many interesting solutions, including the first in Poland premiere of the SMARTTECH3D Photogrammetry, our latest portable measurement system based on the analysis of digital photos. We presented the possibilities of the system with the Tesla S3 electric car example of dimensional control.

During the demonstration of the functionality of the SMARTTECH3D Photogrammetry system, based on photos of the car, taken with coded, flat markers and length masters, a map of markers was generated. It could be used for all kinds of linear measurements. In addition, selected details of the car were scanned with the high-resolution MICRON 3D green stereo 20-20MP scanner and automatically matched to the marker map obtained from photogrammetry. Thanks to this, it was possible to carry out the process of dimensional and surface quality control. In addition, using the functions of the 3D scanner, a color map of deviations was displayed on the car's surface, which showed the difference between an ideal CAD model and a damaged auto body. Combining these two measurement methods- a three-dimensional photogrammetric map of markers with an accurate 3D scan allows to significantly speed up the quality control process of large objects while maintaining high accuracy.

This method can be used for comprehensive quality control or reverse engineering. It is characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness. Reducing the time spent on dimensional inspection by up to 40% allows to significantly reduce costs. You can read more about the system at

At the same time, on the Industry Next Stage, SMARTTECH Managing Director, Anna Gebarska, in her presentation talked about the possibilities of practical use of optical measurements on specific examples. The presentation aroused great interest and grow the curiosity of many listeners, turning into inspiring discussions. This event was for us a great opportunity to establish new contacts and business relations.

In addition, during the Fair, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the manufacturer of professional stands for 3D scanners, which you can read at the link -

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions and offer the best, personalized solutions tailored to your needs.


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