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SMARTTECH 3D scanners strategic cooperation with FOBA AG stands.

SMARTTECH, the leading manufacturer of precision 3D scanners, has established a strategic cooperation with the key supplier of professional positioning solutions, FOBA AG Switzerland.

The SMARTTECH company, expanding its portfolio of accessories for 3D scanners, was looking for a supplier who, in addition to excellent product quality, refined design, and comprehensive devices for the industry, would be a reliable support in offering long lasting and perfected solutions in the most demanding working conditions.

As FOBA emphasizes: “Metrology requires professional solutions for the positioning of measuring devices. The challenge in metrology is to combine uncompromising stability with high mobility to ensure accurate and efficient measuring. For this reason, our products are carefully developed and field-tested to withstand the harshest conditions, such as vibrations in workshops and factories, which can affect the quality of measurements. "

Extensive knowledge, which is the sum of experience and analysis of customer needs, combined with in-depth knowledge of global markets, allows FOBA specialists to create optimal solutions that meet specific expectations. Exactly such products will be a perfect complementation for users of optical 3D scanners, where system stability is one of the key factors for accuracy of measurements. An important feature of FOBA column stands is the ability to effortlessly move the device to heights of up to 2.7 meters thanks to the slightly balanced crosspiece. In addition, the ability to position the measuring device vertically directly above the object gives the user infinite possibilities to adjust the measuring angle, which is very important in structured light 3D scanning.

The great advantage of the FOBA column stands is their ergonomics, which is reflected in their efficiency. Despite the very massive format, they ensure the safety and stability of the scanner, the scanned object and its user during measurement and movements. Operating the device is not a problem for the user- advanced, thoughtful solutions used in the design make it easy to operate the stand even with one hand. "Thanks to the use of professional FOBA solutions, SMARTTECH 3D scanners have become even more user-friendly and reliable in industrial conditions, while maintaining their highest measurement accuracy" - assures SMARTTECH CEO Krzysztof Gębarski.

The enrichment of the range of SMARTTECH accessories with professional FOBA stands opens up new perspectives for a comfortable use of SMARTTECH 3D scanners, even where it was previously difficult due to the limited possibilities of former positioning solutions

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