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Hannover Messe - Digitization Accelerates Industry 5.0

Fair participants learned how to use automation and digitization to accelerate development in their factories and production plants. From large-scale solutions such as the digitization of development and production processes in the automotive industry to the use of 3D scanners in quality control to the targeted use of reverse engineering software, SMARTTECH presented a wide range of technological possibilities for today and tomorrow at HANNOVER MESSE.

Our representatives at the Polish National Stands showed the latest SMARTTECH products, including the MICRON3D green stereo 3D scanner and the SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software. Comprehensive and versatile applications of 3D solutions open up many opportunities for numerous companies, accelerating the process of digitization and automation.

After four days of the trade fair, industry and science sent a clear signal from Hanover: pandemic and war cannot and will not slow down the process of industrial transformation - quite the contrary, it is necessary to act even faster to achieve the process of digitization and sustainable development. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck summed up the situation after seeing the fair: “Simply taking into account all the technologies presented here, we have a solution to all our current crises. What we see at the fair is a reflection of the main problems of our time with specific answers - which is a fascinating development. "

During the fair, in addition to the 75,000 participants on the exhibition grounds, the event was attended by another 15,000 people- they followed the conference agenda, used digital online product presentations, and conducted chat or video calls


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