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Mrs. Anna Gebarska became a member of the Polish Technology Platform for Photonics executives.

We proudly inform, that co-founder and a managing director of SMARTTECH- Mrs. Anna Gebarksa, joined the executives of the Polish Technology Platform for Photonics. That will allow our company to impact the growth of the polish photonics industry’s innovativeness, as well as engage in important research and projects in the field of optoelectronics, integrating industries with the world of science, both in the country and around the world.

As the founders of the Platform emphasize in their slogan: "Photonic technologies are an impulse for the development of modern industry (...)" - this motto perfectly corresponds with the mission of SMARTTECH, which makes us even more excited with the development opportunities offered by the implementation of this ideology in our everyday actions.

The Photonics Technology Platform was established on the 27th of February 2013 and continues to dynamically work for Polish innovation. Its creation is the result of cooperation and mutual involvement of Polish enterprises, associations, universities, and research institutes operating in the field of photonics. The work of the Platform aims to support both- the industry and the scientific community, to jointly ensure the Polish economy a place in the group of the most innovative economies in Europe according to EU standards.

The main goal of the Polish Photonic Technology Platform is for Polish photonics to become a significant and recognized European player in 2030, providing key technologies and innovative products for the domestic industry, as well as international markets.


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