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The premiere of MICRON3D green stereo 20-20 MP on the German market during Vision fair in Stuttgart

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

During this year's Vision 2021 trade fair in Stuttgart, representatives of SMARTTECH3D together with the German distributor, Polytec GmbH, presented the latest solution for the industry, MICRON3D green 3D stereo scanner with the highest resolution available on the market, intended for industrial applications such as quality control and reverse engineering.

A team of engineers and experts from SMARTTECH and Polytec presented the capabilities of the device and various forms of its application. During the presentation, not only high quality of reproduction was appreciated, but also the versatility of the scanner. High accuracy and resolution guarantees precise measurements of objects of various sizes and with a very complex surface. Many visitors to the stand, representing various fields of production activity, confirmed that MICRON3D green stereo would perfectly fit in their companies. The resistance of the device to environmental conditions such as vibrations, temperature fluctuations and pollution has also been noticed, which is a significant advantage when working in a factory.

The software supplied with the scanner - SMARTTECH3Dmeasure, also attracted great interest. In addition to controlling the scanner's operation, it allows for quality control and dimensional analyzes. Employees of quality control departments present at the event also noticed that the ability to display a map of deviations based on a comparison with a CAD file directly on the object allows to visually identify any possible shape irregularities of measured elements. In addition, the quick generation of ready-to-send inspection reports in PDF format could greatly facilitate communication regarding measurement results. Visitors unanimously emphasized such features of the application, as the ease of use despite many advanced options of data processing and control functions.

The operation of SMARTTECH 3D scanners does not require the operator to have a specialized technical knowledge or long-term initial training. Visitors to the VISION Fair left convinced that MICRON3D green stereo allows for automation of any enterprise with metrological accuracy.


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