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SMARTTECH3D partners with Oqton to offer professional automated quality control and reverse engineer

SMARTTECH3D, company specialized in the development, manufacturing, and sales of precise 3D scanners, proudly announces that it started worldwide partnership with Oqton, a software provider owned by 3D Systems, which delivers industry-leading software solutions both for inspection and reverse engineering based on 3D scan data.

Bundling SMARTTECH3D high resolution 3D scanners with both Geomagic® Control X and Geomagic® Design X will give our customers from different sectors full solution for their needs of automated inspection and obtaining optimal 3D models for automotive, national heritage preservation, education and many more.

This partnership aims at making professional 3D world access user friendly for customers from different industries, so they can benefit from increase in efficiency and cost reduction it brings.

“SMARTTECH3D is convinced that offering its’ precise metrologically certified 3D scanners with Oqtons’ comprehensive software is the best way to answer market demand for complex solutions for todays’ digitalization” says Kris Gebarski, CEO of SMARTTECH3D

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with SMARTTECH3D. This partnership will enable an amplified global presence of the Geomagic portfolio, and together, we can bring the benefits of intelligent 3D scanning to a broader audience. We are excited to deepen collaboration and integration with SMARTTECH3D hardware to deliver more complete solutions for our customers.” says Dr. Ben Schrauwen, SVP and general manager of Oqton.

Market analysis show that 3D scanning based quality control and design is already a standard process in most of medium and big companies and we are convinced that this partnership will be breaking the barriers for those who still feel unsure about contactless measurement and its benefits. By delivering complex 3D scanning systems we will bring ready to use solution for customers looking for easier handling and more precise measurement results.

We are dedicated to make 3D scanning and postprocessing a standard process that will be taught in every school and used on everyday basis in industries where precise measurement or exact digital twin are the most important input for further operation. We believe that this cooperation is one of important steps to achieve this goal and that it will bring great synergy for both partners.


SMARTTECH3D is a world-renowned Polish manufacturer of optical 3D scanners, founded in 2000. The company's offer includes a full range of professional contactless measuring devices for various applications, as well as quality control and reverse engineering software.

SMARTTECH3D provides advanced precise high resolution contactless measurement systems (3D scanners) and full support in their implementation for quality control and reverse engineering processes worldwide. Through constant development of its products Company aims to assure ease of use of its’ metrologically verified professional systems for users with and without technical background.

The satisfied customers include NASA, Boeing, Lufthansa, Orlen, Military Police, KRONES, Central Office of Measures as well as many educational units.

By providing complex 3D solutions, SMARTTECH3D helps companies to integrate 3D technologies into their everyday workflow to automate and improve their product quality and performance.

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About Oqton

Oqton accelerates intelligent manufacturing by providing comprehensive software solutions for additive production, 3D scanning, and robotic welding — helping industrial and healthcare organizations drive innovation and efficiency. The company’s additive production software enables complete traceability and visibility across an organization, delivering AI-powered capabilities for image segmentation, additive design, build prep, MES, additive inspection, and simulation. Global manufacturers use Oqton software to automate robotic welding to increase productivity. The company’s industry-leading Geomagic suite is the foundation of 3D scanning solutions for reverse engineering and inspection applications. Oqton is supported by partnerships with machine and scanner vendors, software partners, and ERP/CAD/PLM integrations. For more information, visit or or LinkedIn


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