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Mantech Geometrics to become an official representative for the UK.

SMARTTECH3D has been recognized in the metrological world!

The company SMARTTECH3D, a 20 years experienced manufacturer of metrologically-certified 3D scanners, announced that Mantech Geometrics Ltd has become the SMARTTECH3D official representative in the UK market.

Mantech Geometrics Ltd founded in 2009, widely recognized UK distributor of metrology grade measurement equipment (such as CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines), multi-sensor measuring machines, and X-Ray Tomography systems from such well-known companies as ABERLINK, WERTH, and ETALON), has added SMARTTECH3D structured light 3D scanners to their portfolio. From now on Mantech Geometrics offers a new type of structured green light 3D scanning technology to its present industrial clients and enters new markets with SMARTTECH3D color high-resolution 3D scanning technology. As a SMARTTECH3D distributor, Mantech Geometrics becomes the official reseller of VERISURF Software dedicated to reverse engineering and quality control.

For over 10 years Mantech Geometrics has co-operated with WERTH UK as a sales agent representing its distribution activities with its sales and metrology know-how and will continue doing so with SMARTTECH3D products. Due to this collaboration, Mantech Geometrics will be representing SMARTTECH3D in the very demanding British market.

“In our product offering, we have various measuring devices from the leading brands in the world. SMARTTECH3D optical 3D scanners fit perfectly into our offering because of their high-quality products that are known for their reliability. Considering the technical characteristic, ease of use of the SMARTTECH3D equipment is the best value for money on the market now. The SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software is a very efficient tool for working with high measurement point clouds, it ensures the quick generation of high-quality STL models and allows to conduct full quality control process" - said

Now SMARTTECH3D structured light 3D scanners join the Mantech Geometrics Ltd offer with its 2 main product lines: green light monochromatic scanners and color scanners. Industrial-oriented MICRON3D green stereo scanners feature resolutions from 5 Mpix through 9 Mpix to the highest available on the market 20 Mpix. Colour entry-level 2 Mpix SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE line scanner is followed by top MICRON3D color 5, 10, 18, and 24 Mpix scanners devoted to digitization, and archiving purposes – among others.

"Mantech Geometric after a long quality test has chosen SMARTTECH3D. Now they are professionally trained and equipped with our high-end optical measurement system MICRON3D green stereo 9 Mpix and MICRON3D color 10 Mpix for their demo laboratory. With access to such advanced solutions, our new representative will be able to fully present 3D scanning technology not only in the industrial applications but also for educational and archiving purposes” - summarized Kris Gebarski, the CEO of SMARTTECH3D.

Mantech Geometrics to become an official representative for the UK
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