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A gold medal for MICRON3D green stereo 20-20 MP scanner and SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software

During the event we had the pleasure to present our 3D scanners live.

A perfect proof that SMARTTECH's high-quality metrological devices are the best solution for the industry is the gold medal of the fair received during the event. The combination of the MICRON3D green stereo 20Mp 3D scanner with SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software allows for using the unique function of displaying a color map of deviations directly on the measured object, which revolutionizes and speeds up the quality control process by up to 30%. It was this solution that was appreciated by the jury of the competition and was awarded the gold medal of the fair.

The MICRON3D green stereo scanner model has the highest resolution available on the market, and the excellent quality of scanning results has been confirmed in countless projects related to quality control, reverse engineering and even digitization. For more information about the device, please read the details:


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