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In the end of March, a series of 11 industry events under the common name Przemysłowa Wiosna took place at Targi Kielce. Exhibitors from 30 countries could meet at the fairgrounds, presenting premiere products and innovative technologies at many different thematic exhibitions. One of the trade fair meetings during Przemysłowa Wiosna was next edition of 3D Printing Days, which is the oldest and the most important meeting of the 3D printing and spatial scanning industry in Central and Eastern Europe and in Poland. Fair presented new models of 3D printers, modern technologies and a number of new products from the world of 3D printing and scanning. One of the most spectacular event was the presentation of the Caudron-Renault CR.741 Cyclone aircraft at the ATMAT booth. Aircraft was supplemented with elements printed in 3D, which was never presented in this form before.

A short report from the Przemysłowa Wiosna fair

At the stand of SMARTTECH company was the Polish premiere of the new MICRON3D color 10MPix scanner, which until that day was only presented at the Shanghai fair. MICRON3D color 10 MPix is ​​a new generation ultra-precise 3D scanner with high resolution and sensitivity, which enables obtaining precise information about the geometry and color of any object with a geometric accuracy of 0.015mm. Due to its accuracy, the scanner is aimed mainly at clients from the industrial sector.

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