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In the first quarter of 2019, SMARTTECH actively participated in many events and industry meetings where it presented the latest ultra-precise MICRON3D color 10MPix scanner with high resolution and sensitivity. It is a new generation of optical coordinate measuring machines that enable obtaining precise information about the geometry and color of any object with a geometric accuracy of 0.015mm. MICRON3D color 10MPix scanner is mainly targeted at industrial customers due to its accuracy.

Scanner was presented during the fifth edition of TCT Asia, which took place between 21 and 23 February in Shanghai, China. It is one of the world's leading events focused on 3D printing and scanning, design technology and engineering. Meeting gathers many interesting speakers from around the world, over 200 exhibitors and over 10,000 visitors from more than 20 countries. During three days of fair, you can see demonstrations of innovative solutions, get to know the premiere products and take part in world-class conferences and seminars.

On March 19, scanner MICRON3D color 10MPix was presented during the exceptional conference "Sensor and photonic technologies for industry". The conference was organized by the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology in cooperation with Workers' Groups on national smart specializations. During the event, offers of ready-made photonic and sensor products dedicated to the industry were presented. Among the carefully selected group of 15 speakers was SMARTTECH, which presented its latest solutions and products.

On March 26-28, SMARTTECH took part in the 11th edition of 3D Printing Days - the oldest and the most important meeting of the 3D printing and spatial scanning industry in Central and Eastern Europe and in Poland. Fair presented new models of 3D printers, modern technologies and a number of new products from the world of 3D printing and scanning. One of the most spectacular shows was the presentation of the Caudron-Renault CR.741 Cyclone aircraft of the ATMAT stand. Aircraft has been reconstructed using spatial printing technology.


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The company for 18 years has been engaged in the production and sales of specializes 3D scanners. SMARTTECH is constantly developing its products adapting them to various industries, such as manufacturing, medicine or archaeology. With numerous international distributors the company has global sales on all continents from both Americas, through Europe, all the way to Asia.

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