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SMARTTECH3D portable

An innovative next-generation 3D scanner with metrologically accuracy designed for professionals.

Mobility, portability and comprehensiveness are the most important advantages of modern metrology, which guided engineers from SMARTTECH when creating a modern SMARTTECH3D portable scanner. This unique measuring device operating in structural light technology is small in size, extremely comfortable to use and has a capacious battery that allows you to work freely in the field.


SMARTTECH3D portable thanks to fast data acquisition is ideally suited to many industries. Manufacturers of car accessories can use a 3D scanner to adapt their products to car interiors and workshop employees to scan the car's body. Thanks to the fast measurement, which does not exceed 0.2 seconds, SMARTTECH3D portable can be used directly in the doctor's office when scanning parts of the body. Measurement result can be used to create a virtual patient model that will help in planning operations or monitoring skin changes. Scanner is also ideally suited for forensics where it will allow you to scan a crime scene, fingerprints and other traces left behind.

The latest version of SMARTTECH3D portable scanner offers a measurement with a speed of 0.2 seconds, with an accuracy of 0.06 mm, it is fully portable and has a built-in central unit.


Scanner has been designed to provide user with reliable operation at full mobility in all conditions. Natural hand trembling that may occur during manual scanning does not affect the quality of the 3d scans thanks to instant measurements. Housing and load-bearing structure of the scanner are made of a modern and durable carbon fiber resistant to fluctuating ambient temperatures.


Thanks to the capacious battery, scanner provides mobility and the ability to work up to 8 hours without connecting to the power source and the measurement itself can be done by holding the scanner in your hands or by placing it on a tripod. SMARTTECH3D portable has an additional built-in touch screen, which allows you to perform not only single measurements, but also provides the option of combining them on the curvature.

SMARTTECH3D portable is equipped with SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, which intuitively guides the user through the entire scanning process, thanks to which it is not required to have any metrological knowledge in order to make a measurement.

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