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MICRON3D green stereo

The MICRON3D green stereo is the most accurate 3D scanner on the market designed for Manufacturing operations that value technology solutions in line with Industry 4.0. The MICRON3D green stereo is ideally suited for quality control or reverse engineering applications.

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NEW!!!  Get to know MICRON3D green stereo 20-20 MPix better

MICRON3D green stereo 20-20 Mpix is a 3D scanner dedicated for industry with the highest measuring resolution available on the market. The high scanning resolution allows for capturing the smallest details of scanned objects, even the large ones, during one scan.

MICRON3D green stereo 20-20 Mpix has:

  • Top-class green light projection system

  • Two 20 Mpix detectors each

  • Carbon housing

  • Replaceable dustproof filter

  • Built in round vibration sensor

MICRON3D green stereo allows for easier collection of detailed data about large objects – to obtain a dense cloud of points, it is enough to perform one scan for the field of 420x300, which corresponds to  4 scans made by 5 Mpix scanner with the field of 150x105. Thanks to this it is possible to carry out detailed quality control of both large and small parts with the use of one 3D scanner.

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The MICRON3D green stereo uses green LED light measuring 520 nm wavelengths, which, together with the filter used, reduces the impact of lighting changes on measurements. This allows it to capture up to 30% better results when compared to 3D scanners using white light measurement.

In addition, the 3D scanner from SMARTTECH incorporates two monochrome detectors, which allow much more accurate reproduction
of the structure surface. Using LED lighting ensures maximum life expectancy and years of trouble-free operation.

The accuracy of 17 microns and the durability of MICRON3D green stereo scanners have been confirmed by field research and advanced measurement tests carried out by SMARTTECH experts and independent units.

The scanner was designed to provide the user with reliable work and full mobility. The casing and supporting structure are made of modern and durable carbon fiber resistant to ambient temperature fluctuations. Special built in solutions suppress vibrations, and the interior is protected  with an easy-to-clean dustproof filters. All this makes MICRON3D green stereo a reliable device possible to use not only in especially adapted space, but also outside.

The scanner is available in three basic resolutions: 2x5MPix, 2x9MPix and 2x20Mpix, in which capturing the smallest details is crucial. In the highest version of the system it is possible to manually change the volume, which is another novelty among SMARTTECH products.

MICRON3D green stereo scanner in the standard version is delivered with a dedicated SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, stable tripod with
pan-tilt head, positioning markers and transportation case.

MICRON3D green stereo is a professional and factory calibrated metrology tool and is certified by the manufacturer according to the German VDI / VDE 2634 standard. Its measurement accuracy can be additionally confirmed by a certificate of an independent accredited metrology laboratory.
The scanner is covered by a 12-month warranty and full technical support provided by the best 3D scanning experts. This means that you can count on
the help of our experienced team at every stage of 3D scanning.


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