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MICRON3D color 10 MPix

Ultra-precise 3D scanner with high resolution and sensitivity, certified by the recommendations German VDI / VDE standards. It enables obtaining precise one's information about geometry and color of any object with accuracy geometric 0.015mm.

MICRON3D COLOR 10MPix scanner, thanks to its accuracy, is ideally suited as a device for quality control and reverse engineering as well as visualization.

User-friendly SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software enables a quick start and guaranties optimal data processing even for non-professionals. The software enables advanced and automated data post-processing such as an advanced cloud of points or triangle mesh edition. Due to large amounts of collected data the environment has been designed for seamless work with data exceeding 200 million points, which gives the user the freedom to choose a level of detail he wants to work on.

na statywie.png

As a result of the measurement with MICRON3D COLOR 10MPix scanner, we get colorful clouds with a resolution of up to 400 points / mm2 representing information about X, Y, Z coordinates and RGB color at every point. This allows 3D measurements of dark objects and shiny with meteorological accuracy.

3 (2).png

MICRON3D color 10Mpix provides the highest quality measurement results. The standard set includes stable tripod with gimbal mounting head, a fully integrated workstation, laser pointers for precise 3D scanner positioning, and a hard case for traveling.

Technical advantages:

  • Easy & fast change of measurement volume with exchangeable lenses

  • Highest quality components

  • German high resolution and sensitive color sensors

  • Precise measurement of up to 15 μm accuracy.

  • The full carbon fiber housing


Check out our video:

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