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This universal 3D scanner is a tool dedicated to entering a 3D world both for metrologically proven technical measurements as well as for national heritage measurements where the color of the object is crucial information.

SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE was created for mobility, comfort, and ease of use. Keeping in mind that the 3D scanner should be reliable optical measurement device with a given accuracy. This small “plug & scan” device fits easily in your hand luggage together with compact small rotation table which allows the automation of the measurement process. On the other hand, the device enables automated scanning of large-size objects basing on markers detecting function, this way giving user possibility to scan objects, easily, from 20 mm up to 3 m.


The system works in two resolution modes what allows the user to optimize data volume when scanning big objects, and enhance the probing resolution for highly detailed parts such as mounting holes.

Scanner SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE complete hardware-software solution for obtaining 3D documentation of physical object for further both digital and real-life processing such as quality control or 3D printing. There's no needed to perform calibration process,  Our scanner is calibrated by the manufacturer and given a certificate of accuracy of our device, cause that this 3D scanner is a referential measurement tool for technical and natural industry. Possibility to integrate our 3D scanner with high-end software for reverse engineering allows automatic data processing from a cloud of points, through the mesh into a parametric CAD model and also for fast quality control.


During 3D scanning process user obtains information about the object’s geometry (XYZ coordinates) and realistic representation of texture in every measured point (RGB in each XYZ point). High quality and high resolution of color detectors used in the device assures that measurement is made with high precision and even the small details, such as the shape of the brush strokes can be seen clearly.

Dedicated measurement and post-processing software integrated with scan3D UNIVERSE is a complex solution which enables end-user to prepare 3D documentation process and perform virtual research such as cuts or modeling of missed parts of the scanned object. Multiple export formats as well as standard raw data format allows the data to be used in all popular CAD or 3D graphics software such as Maya, ZBrush or 3Dmax. User can easily share the results with other researchers thanks to a free SMARTTECH3Dmeasure Viewer software.

The revolutionary small size of the device and convenient transport casing allows easy transport of the 3D scanner. Standard scanner set includes a light tripod and additional wheeling base to make your work easier no matter where you take it.


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