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MICRON3D green

MICRON3D green was designed by SMARTTECH engineers to provide reliable operation and full mobility. Cover and supporting structure of the device was made of modern and durable carbon fiber material.

MICRON3D green is an innovate contactless measuring device. Improving the effectivity of quality control and reverse engineering.


Thanks to modern technological solutions like green LED light and carbon cover. The scanner can be used easily away from measurement laboratory. MICRON3D green is referential measurement device calibrated according to VDI/VDE 2634 standards and its accuracy can be additionally approved by independent accredited measurement laboratory.


Thanks to innovating Green LED light technology and specialist filters, the problem of conditional external influence on accuracy was eliminated. Right now we can we provide measurement more accurate than using blue light directly on the production line or anywhere else where conditions are unfavorable, with results just like in measurement laboratory.


3D scanning of car alternator in quality control purposes. Micron3D uses structural green light, that upgrades the accuracy of the measurement. What is essential for the inspection. High resolution allows reflecting the smallest details.

MICRON3D is the complex solution for advanced 3D scanning application. The highest scanning resolution (10 Mpix) and density of surface probing (to 330 points/mm2 ) provide fully detailed results of even most complex objects.

The 3D scanner is held on a stable, ball headed, tripod that allows adjusting the proper scanner position. Additionally installed laser pointers determine the placement of measurement volume. Efficient mobile workstation added to the 3D scanner is equipped with a specialized cloud of point processing and meshing software.

This advanced software allows not only fully automatization of scanning process using rotary stage, markers, and three-point merging, but also complex data post-processing such as advanced noise reduction and fast texturing. The scanner is packed in a convenient hard case with wheels and pull-out handle.


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