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MICRON3D color 24MPix - the best color 3d scanner on the market

Growing demands from the archeological and preservation markets inspired SMARTTECH engineers to develop a brand new solution. Our objective was to create a 3D scanner for accurate digitization of colorful objects, not only in 3D scanning workshops but also during real-time excavations. MICRON3D color 24MPix is a 3D scanner dedicated to perpetual archivization of colorful historical objects. It was equipped with a detector of the highest available resolution on the market (24 Mpix). Combining the highest density of points (over 1000 pts/mm2) with 24 bits of color imaging allows for the smallest detail documentation like micro-scratches and tool marks on the object. Despite using the highest technology, the 3D scanner was designed to be user-friendly in that it does not require advanced technical knowledge to operate. Also, it does not require end-user calibration, and thanks to the plug-and-scan system it is ready to work directly after taking it out of its case.


High measurement resolution allows the user to gather information from objects with very complex structures, such as ceramic ornaments, clothes, and oil paintings, which, until now, were very problematic for 3D scanning. The highly sensitive detector enables simple digitization of shiny and dark surfaces alike. Furthermore, the full integration of a shade-less system makes it possible to interpret the scanned object’s actual color. All of these features make MICRON3D color 24MPix the most effective tool to use within the entertainment industry through animation, colorful 3D printing, and computer gaming applications.

 MICRON3D color24MPix is the only 3D scanner available on the market with the ability to take high-resolution scans while maintaining the true color of the scanned object.


MICRON3D color 24MPix provides the highest quality measurement results. The standard set includes stable tripod with gimbal mounting head, a fully integrated workstation, laser pointers for precise 3D scanner positioning, and a hard case for traveling.

MICRON3D’s carbon fiber housing, replaceable dustproof filters, and resistance to temperature fluctuations allow the operator to scan on-site at excavations without the risk of damaging the sensitive interior of the device.

A dedicated mobile workstation is provided with the newest version of SMARTTECH 3D measure software, which enables advanced data post-processing, like editing point clouds or triangular meshes of over 200 million data points, for instance.

Fully automate the 3D scanning process via the rotary stage. The ease of measuring different sized objects with the addition of an automation module drastically reduces the time needed for data treatment and yields a high-quality image.

MICRON3D color 24MPix, as with all other SMARTTECH 3D scanners, allows the operator to measure using positioning markers and makes it possible to integrate a shade-less system with the efficiency of a rotary stage.


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