The SMARTTECH3D DUAL VOLUME is a precise contactless measurement device which, thanks to the latest LED light and GigaBit Ethernet communication technologies, enables a rapid performance of complex measurements. As a professional tool for metrology each 3D scanner is certified according to the VDI / VDE 2634 standard and its accuracy can be confirmed by independent accredited metrology lab resulting in a certificate. The SMARTTECH3D DUAL VOLUME has two independent measurement volumes characterised by different work space, accuracy and measurement resolution. The large measurement volume allows for an automated measurement of overall dimensions using markers that are then merged into a single point cloud. The small volume, on the other hand, allows for the replication of even the smallest of details of the object and in a high-resolution mode (up to 1500 points/mm2).

All professional 3D scanners produced by SMARTTECH are factory-calibrated “plug&scan” devices ready to work within seconds after being launched. As part of the standard equipment, a SMARTTECH 3D scanner is provided with everything you need in order to begin the 3D scanning process: lasers enabling easy positioning of the object within the measurement volume, a tripod with tilt and swivel head, a trolley for an even more user-friendly scanning and professional transport cases. The 3D scanners can operate in two scanning modes (PRECISE & FAST) for each of the measurement volumes, allowing for an additional hardware reduction of the resolution when the maximum sampling density is not required. Due to all of the abovementioned characteristics and the ability to acquire a certificate of accuracy from an accredited laboratory, our clients often call these systems optical coordinate measuring machines (CMM).



• Fast and intuitive change of the measurement volume. The end user is not required to change optics and perform a complicated process of calibration.


• Changing the field of view takes literally two pushes of a button – you just turn off the previous mode and turn on the new one. It allows us to assure a certified accuracy of the device and doesn’t force the customer to carry large calibration plates.


• Several camera configurations, ranging from 1,3 MPix up to 10 MPix allow us to find a perfect solution for the customer’s needs and budget.


• The SMARTTECH3D DUAL VOLUME operates based on the most up-to-date computing algorithms implemented in the latest SMARTTECH software - SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v2018. It allows you to perform a measurement using a 3D scanner as well as edit gathered measurement data. The implemented automation module allows us to fully automate the process of transforming the point cloud into a triangle mesh without involvement of the user and limiting his actions to placing the examined object in the 3D scanner’s field of view.


• Innovative white LED light 3D scanning technology. Resistant to sudden voltage drops and blackouts - assures over 20 000 working hours. Lack of any mechanical parts inside the 3D scanner guarantees long and easy usage.


The SMARTTECH3D DUAL VOLUME is used and recommended by the Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT), KGHM Letia, Regional Center of Engineering “New Star” in Perm, as well as the National Defense University in Astana.

3D scanner is available with a new SMARTTECH3Dmeasure 64 Bit software. In this new software - one of the most important is the ability to display huge amount of data - point clouds where it’s size exceeds amount of 300 million pts with a speed of 5 frames per second, which allows you to work without simplifying. For less demanding projects we implemented the possibility of obtaining a triangle meshes in the STL format directly from the 3D scanner, which can be immediately sent for example to 3D printer

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December 12, 2019

A conference was held on November 13 at the Central House of Technology at Krucza Street in Warsaw, the theme of which was scanning and 3D printing in industry and education. In this unique place, which has a remarkable space for technical education, we gathered representatives of the educational and industrial sectors thirsty for knowledge in the field of 3D technology. The turnout was good, the participants listened to the l...

December 10, 2019

Innovmetric PolyWorks Software joins the wide range of offers of a globally recognized Polish manufacturer of 3D scanners - SMARTTECH3D. PolyWorks is a Universal Metrology Software Platform that is designed for processing and analyzing three-dimensional data. SMARTTECH3D's offer includes 4 PolyWorks software models - Inspector, Modeler, Talisman and Viewer.


PolyWorks Inspector is software used for quality control, dimensioning...

October 18, 2019

MSV 2019 International Engineering Fair was held in Brno from 7th till 11th October. It was one of the most important industrial trade show in Eastern and Central Europe, gathering over 1600 exhibitors and over 80 000 attendees.

This year’s leading theme was Digital Factory and Industry 4.0, so in other words the digitization of the production processes as the main directions for innovations. Show acquired massive attentio...

October 17, 2019

Aerospace and aviation have a reputation for holding vendors to incredibly high standards. The construction of flying machines brings together the most complex feats of engineering and science and they’re right to be highly scrutinized. In 2017 close to 1 billion people flew commercial airlines, and with such potential for catastrophe, these industries rely heavily on cutting edge technology. Testing, validating, and research,...

October 11, 2019

On September 24th-26th, SMARTTECH3D presented its latest product, MICRON3D green stereo, at the TCT Show in Birmingham - an international meeting about innovation in the process from design to production. Every year, a wide range of exhibitors presents their latest achievements in the field of additive production, 3D printing, design technology, and engineering.

The SMARTTECH company together with Lambda Photometrics Ltd. - a d...

September 23, 2019

SMARTTECH3D, a Polish manufacturer of metrologically certified 3D scanners, has started cooperation with SC Envirotronic SRL, which has become its official representative in Romania.

SC Envirotronic SRL as the official distributor will sell and support optical 3D scanners from SMARTTECH3D. The Romanian company will also provide technical support for SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software dedicated to reverse engineering and quality contro...

September 23, 2019

New MICRON3D green stereo industrial scanner - presented for the first time on the British market during the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK 24-26 September 2019

Two detectors, measurement with green LED light, total noise reduction, the ability to perform professional 3D scans independent of changes in external lighting conditions... are the main features of the latest product created by specialists from SMARTTECH3D company. MICRON...

September 5, 2019

Even 5 to 10 years ago, the prosthetic preparation of the denture funnel, which is the basis of each prosthesis and tightly adheres to the stump, took about 2-3 weeks. During this time, the product was repeatedly tried, corrected, re-tried, corrected again - until the funnel was ideally matched and did not hurt the user. This is a very important process because it depends on whether the use of the prosthesis will be comfortabl...

September 5, 2019

In the case of the dimensioning of human physiology, it is sometimes necessary to measure a person and make calculations related to the body. An example here is the dimensioning of the human face before and after the treatment or torso before and after the strip is attached. Among such works, there is also the dimensioning of natural leg edema to verify the influence of the compression sock on the body.

The company UNITIKA from...

September 5, 2019

The SMARTTECH3D med scanner is a response to the growing demands of the health and safety sectors. It works with the safest white structural light measuring technology and the result of that measurement allows for quick planning of operations, accurate dimensional analysis of skin lesions or creation of visualization. Thanks to its versatile application, it can soon become the basic equipment of hospitals or clinics.

In the las...

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