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Quality Station

According to the basic premise of the 4.0 industry ideology, SMARTTECH3D Robotized enables digitization and optimization of processes in the enterprise and at the same time provides effective tools for communication between different groups of users, such as e.g. engineers, management, or sub-suppliers. Thanks to the elimination of the human factor, the achieved measurements are repeatable and of the highest quality.


Best quality data thanks to the new technology


The Quality Station measurement system is a comprehensive solution for quality control of geometrically complex objects. Thanks to the integration of the optical 3D scanner with the tilt-rotary table, the device allows automatic, precise measurement of the object. The SMARTTECH3Dmeasure dedicated software, allows instant comparison of the measured part with the reference CAD model and generation of an individual control report in PDF format. Such a hardware-software combination enables the user to fully automate the entire inspection process from one mounting
position without the need for operator intervention.

The compactness of the solution means that it can be used even on a small surface of a standard desk. The support structure made of carbon fibre reduces the influence of temperature changes on the measurement process. The additional function of reverse projection of the deviation map onto the real object takes visual indication of errors on to a new level, facilitating quick repair or complete elimination of defective pieces.
Thanks to user-friendly handling, the ability to design your own control reports and its small size, Quality Station is an ideal complementary solution for companies using additive technology in their activities. The technology of field measurement with structured light used in the device, allows simple digitization of any shapes obtained from 3D printing.



The SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software supplied with the system has been equipped with the basic tools needed for quality control, the entire measurement process adapted to the measured part and user requirements can be fully automated by creating your own measurement plan and designing subsequent stages of data
processing. The functions of creating a colour map of the deviations of the measured object compared to the CAD model, distance measurement as well as area and volume measurements are available. The user can also create a cross-section of the object and calculate the partial or full perimeter of the structure. All performed measurements, deviation maps along with local numerical values and cross-sections can be inserted in the report form and saved in PDF format for documentation and sharing with other users.

QS_cross section.JPG


QS_map of deviations.JPG

Reverse projection is the latest function available to users of SMARTTECH 3D scanners, it allows you to project points, lines, polygons and a colour map of deviations directly on the scanned object. This allows clear marking of places that require special attention from the staff during the production process or visualization of deficiencies when collecting details from sub-suppliers.
Sharing your feedback has never been easier - this time they appear directly on the object.


The results of 3D scanning, regardless of their application, are most often used in the further process in various software for quality control or reverse engineering. For this reason, the SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software also allows you to easily export results (formats such as OBJ, PLY, TXT, IGES) and continue working in other CAD programs. The SMARTTECH3D SDK is also available.


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