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According to the basic premise of the 4.0 industry ideology, SMARTTECH3D Robotized enables digitization and optimization of processes in the enterprise and at the same time provides effective tools for communication between different groups of users, such as e.g. engineers, management, or sub-suppliers. Thanks to the elimination of the human factor, the achieved measurements are repeatable and of the highest quality.


- fully automated measuring process
- high measuring speed (5 mln points/s)
- high probing density
- easy measurement plan creation
- quick implementation
- certification attestation
- map of deviations projected on measured object
- quality control reporting (pdf)

accuracy and automatization


SMARTTECH3D CobotScan is a 3D scanner designed and adapted for
integration with cobots and measurement using a rotary stage module.
The special design of the scanning head with a stereoscopic camera system
ensures its lightness. Those features guarantee the highest degree of usage
comfort, simplicity of hardware integration and high-quality mapping of
complex geometry objects.

The use of the collaborative robot enables simple automation of the measurement process and does not require sticking markers on objects, increasing efficiency even with a small series of scanned products. The software functionality allows the creation of automatic control reports, documentation, and even displaying a map of deviations directly on the measured object for easy location of defects. Thanks to the elimination of the human factor, the achieved measurements are repeatable, and of the highest quality.

quality control

The measuring station is managed by the software SMARTTECH3Dmeasure installed on an efficient workstation. This dedicated software controls the entire measurement process, starting from the control of operating system parameters up to saving the obtained 3D model and finished quality report in a PDF file. Additionally, the application allows for conducting numerous processes, including the transformation of the point cloud into advanced 3D models and the automated generation of reports. Moreover, the software has an additional automatic quality control module. An easy-to-use interface enables users to create measurement plans and result edition path depending on the specific needs. Thanks to this, the system can be used both for reverse engineering and quality inspection, thus reducing the need for the purchase of two independent devices and additional costs.


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SMARTTECH3D CobotScan - automated 3D scanner with UR robot
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