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A new distributor of SMARTTECH 3D scanners in India.

The company SMARTTECH, a Polish manufacturer of metrologically-certified 3D scanners, announced that Big Zero Technology has become the SMARTTECH official representative on the Indian market.

The Big Zero Technology, as the official distributor, will be selling and supporting our SMARTTECH optical 3D scanners. The Indian enterprise will also provide technical support for the SMARTTECH3Dmeasure and Geomagic software dedicated for reverse engineering and quality control. Due to this collaboration Big Zero Technology will be representing SMARTTECH on the fast growing Indian market.

Big Zero Technology was founded by a team of highly-experienced metrology engineers. The company also provides the latest measurement solutions in various technologies. The company’s mission is to provide customers with the best solutions to reduce costs and time necessary for the development of finished products – in accordance with the principle of “error-free production”. The 3D scanning technology from SMARTTECH fits perfectly into the Big Zero Technology mission and SMARTTECH optical 3D scanners are an excellent product for the distribution on the Indian market.

“In our product offering we have various measuring devices from the leading brands in the world. SMARTTECH optical 3D scanners fit perfectly into our offering because of their high-quality products that are known for their reliability. Considering the characteristic ease of use of the SMARTTECH equipment and at the same time taking into account the value for money, SMARTTECH 3D scanners compare most favorably to other solutions on the market. The SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software is a very efficient tool for working with the measurement point clouds - it ensures quick generation of high-quality STL models" - said Akshay Singh, the chief executive officer of the company.

It is very important for SMARTTECH to have a reliable representative in the dynamic Indian market. The experience and contacts within the industry that Big Zero Technology have and the three regional offices make the Polish manufacturer of optical 3D scanners confident that it has gained a truly valuable partner in India.

"Big Zero Technology has been professionally trained and is equipped with our high-end optical measurement system MICRON3D green as well as an entry-level product SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE. With access to such advanced solutions our new representative will be able to fully present 3D scanning technology not only in the industrial applications but also for educational purposes” - summarized Krzysztof Gębarski, the CEO of SMARTTECH.

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