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New 3D scanner premiere of MICRON3D green stereo 20 Mpix

The current pandemic situation showed us the importance of digitalization and automatization of industrial processes. The automatization of quality control or smart factories is not only a dream anymore, but became a necessity of everyday life for many companies. Listening to customers’ needs and meeting their expectations, R&D engineers from SMARTTECH developed the newest 3D scanner, which combines the high accuracy of achieved data with the best detail registration with 20 Mpix resolution. A combination of high-resolution detectors with the speed of the MICRON3D green stereo scanning allows collecting even 700 measured points/ mm2 in 8 seconds. That makes processes of quality control and reverse engineering are faster and more precise.

We would like to invite you to the hour-long webinar with the live presentation of our newest 3D scanner- MICRON3D green stereo 20-20 Mpix, dedicated to industry whare not only accuracy, but the resolution has great importance.

Plan of the presentation:

1. Few words about the company

2. Accuracy and resolution of 3D scanning

3. Quality control in the industrial processes

4. The premiere presentation of the 3D scanner with the highest resolution on the market- MICRON3D green stereo 20-20 Mpix

5. Q&A

Registration is possible via the LinkedIn platform


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