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23-24.03.2021 Webinars: Color 3D scanning - digitalization and virtual research

Digitization of museums` collections is currently becoming one of the main aspects of work related to monuments. This work performed correctly can bring new opportunities for archiving and popularization. It also can become a base for interdisciplinary research with the use of resources available online. 3D scanning offers huge potential for collection of highly detailed data, which can speed up the work of archeologists, museologists and restorers. Such archiving makes possible what was impossible before with the use of other digitization methods. Therefore the knowledge of 3D process is extremely important element of the field`s technological future.

We would like to invite you for a free, 1 hour long webinar containing a demonstration of our new 3D scanner - MICRON3D color 18 Mpix, built specially for the needs of archeologists, museologists and biologists. The main subject of the demonstration will be the digitization process, documentation and virtual research with the use of colour 3D scanning.

Presentation plan:

1. Introduction of 3D scanning technology

2. Digitization versus visualization

3. Acquiring 3D documentation

4. Virtual research

5. Advantages of 3D scanning described on the basis of specific examples

6. MICRON3D color 18 Mpix – device premiere

7. Summing up and questions

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