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SMARTTECH3D at the conference "3D Digitization in Museology" in Taiwan

SMARTTECH3D as a special speaker at the conference on 3D digitization at the National Museum of Prehistory in Taiwan.

In the first half of August, SMARTTECH3D, at the special invitation of the National Museum of Prehistory in Taiwan, took part in the international conference 'The use of 3D technology in archeology and cultural heritage', which took place in the city of Taitung. SMARTTECH3D has been successfully cooperating with museums around the world for several years. The National Museum of Prehistory is a leading museum in Taiwan and among many solutions on the market, they decided to choose the top 3D digitization device for museum objects with texture - the MICRON3D color 24MPix scanner. This scanner guarantees digitization with very high resolution - up to 1000 points per mm2 and real reproduction of the texture color of scanned objects.

Museum managers have often emphasized during the conference that they have been looking for a long time for a solution that will answer their needs. SMARTTECH3D devices proved to be perfect for scanning historic exhibits with complex geometry. During the conference, 3D scanners and our European experience in digitizing museum objects were presented to a wider audience, including representatives from other museums, and met with very positive reception.

Then a representative of the SMARTTECH3D company visited several of our business partners in Taiwan and China where he conducted product demonstrations and training in operating our 3D scanners. In Taiwan, we visited, among others, 3D Printing Taiwan, with which we simultaneously signed a contract for the distribution of SMARTTECH 3D scanners. 3D Printing Taiwan is a recognized distributor of 3D scanners and 3D printers from Stratasys or Roland CNC milling machines, which also offers scanning and 3D printing services.

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